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August 2012

The Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form
The new Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF), FEMA Form 086-0-32 has been published. FEMA has granted a three year transition period before final adoption of the form is required. The previous form can be used until that time. Please periodically check the following websites for updates to the form: FEMA Library and FEMA Forms
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November 2011

Flood Insurance Coverage Subject to Change Disclosure
In response to the new flood insurance disclosure language required by different investors, LPS National Flood has created a custom Notice to Borrower (NTB) with added language for flood insurance and servicing transfer disclosures. This custom Notice of Special Flood Hazard (NSFH) contains the new investor requirement ... Learn More

June 2010

Legislation Proposes Reform for the National Flood Insurance Program
New provisions have recently been proposed by the House Financial Services Committee; Click Here for a summary of proposed amendments.

July 2009

Map Modernization
The federal agency's multiyear initiative to update flood zones is an expansive effort that warrants sharp monitoring by servicers

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April 2009

LPS National Flood Enhances Websites
In an effort to provide customers with more comprehensive information about products, services and additional resources to support their flood-related needs, LPS National Flood implemented the first in a series of website updates at “These website enhancement efforts help to better represent LPS National Flood and further support our commitment to our customers’ success,” stated Mark Reedy, LPS National Flood President. Additional enhancements are planned for 2009 that will improve the features and usability of the website for both current customers and visitors.

January 2009

New FEMA SFHDF Now Available
On January 9, 2009, FEMA published the official update of the Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF), FEMA Form 81-93. The minor changes to the SFHDF were implemented by LPS National Flood the same day to ensure that customers would continue to meet their compliance requirements. Click Here to read the customer memo.

November 2008

Email Domain Change
On November 10, 2008, all email address for LPS National Flood staff will change to reflect the domain. Click Here to read the customer memo.

August 2008

FIS Flood Announces Name Change to LPS National Flood
On September 1, 2008, FIS Flood will be amending its name to LPS National Flood, in accordance with the recent formation of its parent company, Lender Processing Services (LPS).   Click Here for the customer communication from the President.

July 2008

FIS Spin-Off
FIS announces the spin-off of Lender Processing Services (LPS). Click Here for the announcement from Mark Reedy, President of FIS Flood Services.

April 2005

NFDA Certification Awarded Click Here for the press release.

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