Updated FEMA notice for SFHDF

On Sept. 27, 2023 FEMA published a Federal Register notice of revision and request for comments regarding the form. The current version of the form is not expired and may continue to be used until further notice.
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Welcome to WebCert

WebCert is ServiceLink National Flood's internet order system. Easy and efficient to use, it allows the user to order flood zone determinations and track order status. Completed orders can be viewed online or delivered via e-mail or fax. Some of the featured functions include:

Streamlined Access

Current user name and password are valid with Webcert

E-mail Functionality

Receive time service delay notifications and manual determinations via e-mail

Order Verification

Orders are standardized and can be verified before submission

Online Address Corrections

Address corrections can be made online and revised determinations will be uploaded upon completion

Expanded Search Options

Orders can be retrieved by name, loan number property address, order status, or tracking ID

Life of Loan Transfer

Online paid in full notification and servicing transfer capabilities. New servicer certifications can be viewed and printed.